Giving the Scribus Manual Away

I’m giving the Scribus Manual I wrote away – go to to get it.


A Scribus Manual is Available

I’ve just released my Scribus user manual for the rest of us at!

I think its strong point is that the book is easy to use and covers the essential information that someone new to Scribus needs.

A Scribus Manual is actually a work in progress. I learn more and more about the software every time I use it. I’m currently making quick cards.

I am charging a very small fee of %5.95, but A Scribus Manual is worth every penny. Plus, when I update it, I’ll give new versions away for free to those that purchased.

My Ebook on Smashwords

I have posted an ebook on and it is titled Your First Web Site: An Economical Solution for Small Businesses.

This ebook is posted as a “no fee” download.

I think this will really help a lot of people who have no idea about what it takes to get a web site on the internet. I think it will be invaluable for those people who want to start their own business and know they need to get on the net.

Download it, read it, or pass it on.

Installing OpenOffice 3.2 on Ubuntu 9.10

I fount directions to installing OpenOffice 3.2 on Ubuntu 9.10 at

These directions made life much easier.

I was searching around a few other places. I tried the update window, but that failed. It took 1 minute after I found

I am still not overly confident with the terminal, but these directions sure did help.

Ubuntu doesn’t support update to OpenOffice anymore. That is a mistake.

As much as I hate Windows, at least they make downloading free software a snap. Cant take that away from them. Sure, Ubuntu has the Software Center, but if something isn’t in there (such as OO 3.2) then you are out of luck.

A Gripe about OpenOffice Writer

So I tried to install a plug-in to OpenOffice Writer that would allow me to draft in Writer and publish to my blog. Long story short, the plug-in didn’t install. On the Writer wiki, most everyone has not been able to install it.

Now to add insult to injury, I can publish directly from MS Word 2007 to my blog. That really bugs me because I want OpenOffice to be better than MS Office. (If I haven’t mentioned this, I’m a big fan of open source software).

The OpenOffice team is pretty savvy so I think they will rectify this problem in a future release (ideally it will be the next release).

But until then, I’m left with writing the post in gmail and publishing that way (note: when I use my Ubuntu computer, WordPress doesn’t like it – ugly things happen and the response is terrible; thus, writing in gmail is the best option).

Asi es la vida.

Hello world!

Okay – I think I have the everything finally set up.